Scam Graveyard

This is where posts of scams will be housed once they collapse or are shut down.

AKA, let’s watch a ponzi autosurf scam die. Since I don’t normally peruse all of the HYIP scam promoting sites, I haven’t taken the time to pick one autosurf ponzi early in it’s life and follow it to it’s death. I was going to do this with Alert Pay Instant at  Alas, I blinked and the ponzi is now gone. So I stumbled across Get Daily Paid.  It should suffice as an example.  I’ve never followed one too closely from inception to collapse, but I have wanted to just one time and only one time since every single one […] scam

Here we go again.  There’s just a never ending supply of these things out there. Give us just $100 and we’ll give you $90,000.00 back in 3 short years.  Well, not exactly 3 years, LOL.  From their FAQ: Q: I use your calculator to see what my return would be, if I invest $100 I do not get it to be the full $90 000 in 3 years as you claim, please explain. A; We use 1100 days to calculate the return when it is stated as 3 years. This is to give us a few more days as reserve […] or not

Those of us who have been around the internet marketing block a time or ten remember more too good to be true scams than we care to count. Anybody who is looking into one of the latest and greatest we’ll make you rich before you have to pay us a cent offerings called needs to do a little research on two previous similar offerings called and and use just a little common sense. Both ofthose turned out to be scams, as expected. In a nutshell, guarantees everyone will get to the top of “Google, Yahoo, and […]

Scam or not: