Chris Bailey Bio

Edited 7/15/14)  I will be editing this page shortly due to the change in direction of this blog 🙂

Ahh, what to say about Chris Bailey. That’s a tough one.

I guess the simplest thing to say is that I’m an evolving internet marketing entrepreneur(aren’t we all 😉 ).

I’ve been dabbling online for a number of years learning the ropes and seeing all of the good and bad that the internet has to offer.

Now seemed like the perfect time to finally get serious about the opportunities the world of internet marketing presents, so here I am.

Welcome to the journey.

I hope you find my site to be a useful and occasionally entertaining tool in your own internet marketing growth.

Goals For This Blog: 

  • Provide my readers with useful and informative content on what I am doing and how I am doing in my internet marketing journey.
  • Share some day to day life issues.
  • Show newbies to this marketing world that they are not alone in either their struggles or successes.
  • Publicly hold myself accountable for my own personal and business goals.  Any goals I set for myself and my business will be posted here, so I’ll either fail or succeed in full view of the world wide web.
  • Warn others about scams and potential scams that abound both on and off the internet.  We’ll never be rid of the criminals in this world, so the best we can do is warn others about them.
  • Have fun. 🙂
  • Share everything I know, don’t know, and learn in my journey.
  • Make some new friends, and probably an enemy or two 😉 .

This blog will essentially be my online diary sharing day to day life as well as internet marketing tips, my opinions of various opportunities on the web, internet scams, email phishing scams, SEO, and just about anything else that strikes my fancy.Internet marketing can be a very confusing and intimidating journey. There is so much advice, good and bad, out here on the web that we are often left spinning our wheels trying to figure out who is right and who is wrong.

My best advice. Just start doing. Sometimes, we’re all right and we’re all wrong at the same time. Much of your success will come through trial and error.

There is no one perfect way to succeed that works for everybody. In the fast paced world of internet marketing, what works today quite often doesn’t work tomorrow.

Through experience, you will learn your own strengths and weaknesses. You will also find out which methods you enjoy more which will help make all of this much less like “work”.

Please feel free to join in and comment anytime, even if you disagree with me. 😉

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