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One thing that I recommend to people working to make money online is to write about what you know, whatever that might be. It’s not a guaranteed money maker, but it will help you come up with more frequent and fresh content for your sites to generate traffic. Last Friday I launched a new site that I will be providing weekly progress updates here and daily notes on my Work At Home Network discussion forums. The first posts will be added tonight and I’ll provide a link from here. For my own ease in analyzing traffic, the site url won’t […]

Birth of a website-traffic analysis, content, indexing, and more

Not that we need more reasons. 😉 Who wants to deal with this at 6:30 in the morning or whatever time you have to get going for work. First, we have to shovel out of the driveway and warm up the car. And then it’s out onto the highway dealing with people who drive too slow or too fast for the conditions. Naturally, I drive just right, LOL. Now, it might be different if work paid me for the extra time. But somehow I don’t think they will. Yeah, I’d much rather just let it all melt while letting my […]

Bad weather – Another reason to work from home

This has been around for a little while, but I just stumbled across it last night. For those looking to make a few extra bucks, check out the Google Local Business Referrals program. I don’t know how long they will be doing this and there is no guarantee that you’ll be accepted into the program, but it may be worth a few minutes of your time to register your interest. Here are the highlights of what you do and what you earn, taken from the Business Referral Representative Frequently Asked Questions: What will I be doing as a representative? As […]

Make extra money with Google Local Business Referrals program

As a Cognigen agent for almost 7 years(start date 03/19/2001), I’ve seen a number of reps concerned about the recent merger/acquisition with Commission River. IMHO, I think this deal has a lot more potential upside than downside. As the owner of the Work At Home Network Discussion Forums, I see nearly every “hot” home based business that hits the market. While I love the fact that Cognigen has always been a no hype, honest home based business opportunity, the simple fact is that their free business model was not a good fit for the traditional style MLM/Network Marketing model. Because […]

Cognigen-Commission River merger

Those of us who have been around the internet marketing block a time or ten remember more too good to be true scams than we care to count. Anybody who is looking into one of the latest and greatest we’ll make you rich before you have to pay us a cent offerings called needs to do a little research on two previous similar offerings called and and use just a little common sense. Both ofthose turned out to be scams, as expected. In a nutshell, guarantees everyone will get to the top of “Google, Yahoo, and […]

Scam or not:

Besides being a great game between two high quality teams, last night’s 17-14 victory by the New York Giants over the New England Patriots was a nice little victory for Karma. As someone who grew up playing team sports, I’ve always had a strong sense of teamwork and sportsmanship. Being a Pittsburgh Steeler fan, I have always rooted for the AFC representative in the Super Bowl and even though they had handed us a few heartbreaking losses over the years, I did have a lot of respect for the New England Patriots team play and excellent coaching. I still have a […]

Karma is this year’s Super Bowl Champion

LOL Well, I’m not an old man yet, but I sure feel like it with some of the technology out there that I don’t have or use. No Ipod or any other MP3 player. No camcorder, digital or otherwise. No laptop yet. I’m not working at home with a wireless router. My home stereo is about 18 years old. Etc., etc. At least I have satellite. 😀 My better half has been fine using the old fashioned throw away cameras to take occasional snapshots for the holidays and other gatherings. I used to be a real gadget guy but have […]

My First Digital Camera

In my time on the web, I’ve noticed many of us in the internet marketing world suffer from this horrible affliction. If you are anything like me, you tend to come up with one great idea after another(well, at least we think they are great ideas 🙂 ) The main problem with our “genius” is that we often tend to leave many of our projects unfinished as we jump from one to the next. I know I have a veritable minefield of unfinished work and ideas. As I was searching on the net for others with this affliction, I stumbled […]

Internet Marketing Attention Deficit Disorder