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I’ll keep posting different ones everyday as there can never be enough info out there to fight this garbage.  The final destination url of this phishing scam was LaSalle Bank Consumers Warning: Please be advised that we cannot guarantee the confidentiality of not protected information. Therefore, we strongly encourage you to update your system. New Bank of America x.509 privacy certificate for LaSalle Bank consumers can be downloaded from our customer service department. Proceed to customer service department>>. url deactivated….destination was LaSalle Bank and Bank of America will not be responsible for any damages, if you ignore this […]

LaSalle Bank Security: Please take a moment to prepare for ...

Just when you think you’ve seen it all, Google is kind enough to drop it’s Adsene publishers a little note of encouragement in these difficult times. Although I am a bit tongue-in-cheek, I actually still do like Google and the services they provide.  For a company that huge, they do pretty well overall in treating people fairly.  There are Google haters of course, and everybody is entitled to their opinion based on personal experience. Whether you care much for Google or not, this little note shows very smart business sense.  We should all take a little time to keep in […]

It’s nice to see Google still cares about us

Here is a lovely fraudulent email I received today targeting those of us who own domains. They use a very clever domain name that took me a minute to catch. Always beware of emails like this.  This email phishing scam was targeting Network Solution customers and sadly, at least a few will fall for it. The safest thing to do when you get emails that are supposedly from your webhost, bank, credit card company, etc. is to go to that site directly from a bookmark or typing in the url.  Never go from links in your email to services like […]

Problem: Inaccurate whois information (fraudulent email)