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After many years online, I’ve watched probably thousands of wannabe internet marketers come and go. It’s quite a sad thing to see people jump in with excitement and hope only to gradually disappear in the internet abyss. I know some of my own personal struggles have come from letting myself get sidetracked with information, tools, opportunities, ideas, etc. I never just said to myself, “This is what I want to do and now I’m just going to do it.” That time has arrived. After dabbling for years, I’ve finally decided to focus on the local business idea that I had […]

Deciding what you want to do and then doing it.

After years of neglecting this blog and a few others, I am currently in the process of breaking out of my own inertia. I am attempting to post on this personal blog at least 30 days straight in order to start developing the good habit of creating content. For the moment, I don’t even care much about whether the content is quality or crap as long as I am able to get something out here in cyberspace. Once I’m in a bit of a groove with consistency I can start focusing more and more on the quality, subject matter, presentation, […]

Overcoming my own inertia

You should be alive in your content
As affiliate marketers, we sometimes get so wrapped up focusing on the technical stuff like keywords, optimization, density, and other SEO stuff we do in hopes of getting decent SERP placement, we often leave out one of the most important parts, ourselves. Here at my personal blog, I don’t usually have that problem, but when making content marketing posts with a product or service pitch in mind, I often tend to be far too bland and leave my own lovely personality out of it. What I end up with are boring, unengaging posts that don’t give the reader any real […]

Content marketing: Don’t forget to include you in your content

Well, if this is true, people need to be warned to avoid Bruce Gott and his company. Personally, I get my fair share of phone calls and emails from these types of high pressure “success” coaches. Don’t let yourself get conned by the hype and high pressure tactics that they often use. In an article title Global Educators Inc is a Poaching Scam! Kyle, one of the founders of Wealthy Affiliate warns his membership to avoid being suckered in by these solicitations. I just wanted to warn you that there is a company out there called Global Educators Inc, a […]

Bruce Gott and Global Educators Inc scamming Wealthy Affiliate members?

ROFLMAO at myself. It’s been almost 17 months since I posted Consistency in business building is one of our greatest challenges and this will be my first blog post since that one. I have numerous “commercial” web properties and the most recent post on all of them is over 7 months ago. Can you guess whether or not my online endeavors are doing very well? There are what seems like a million different reasons for my lack of sincere effort, but I’m just going to chalk it up to the simple fact that I apparently wasn’t ready to be an […]

Ready or not: Which am I?