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I’m not creative. I’m not imaginative. I can’t think of new ideas. I’m a lousy writer. I have nothing to offer my readers. Do thoughts like those go through your mind from time to time? Yeah, same here. As I rededicate myself to getting several severely neglected internet projects back up and running, I am in a constant battle against my own self doubt. I often consider my writing to be boring, unimaginative, contrived, and seemingly uninspired. Yep, we can all be pretty hard on ourselves when we’re attempting to do things outside our own comfort zone. I think that’s […]

Don’t doubt your creativity

Okay, so I’m not really a practitioner of Chinese philosophy or medicine. Anyway…. I do believe that being around “negativity” can sap something out of you. However, I also believe that negative energy can be used positively. Last night was a bit of a rough night for me and my Qi. 🙁 And it feels like it carried over into today. I was getting hit with negative energy on two fronts and it definitely brought me down. The first attack happened at work. I was working my scheduled 2:00 – 10:15 shift when my coworker for the evening came in […]

Negative energy sapped my Qi(Chi)

I have a lot of bad habits/addictions. Smoking, pop/soda, chocolate, and just about anything else loaded with sugar. Today was the day i was going to throw a shock at my system and quit at least several of these lovely habits. Some of these nasty habits include: Smoking: Well, the cold turkey experiment lasted less than an hour of consciousness. Good grief, I’m weak. Okay, I can still salvage some dignity in this one. I’m a chain smoker, so I can at least attempt to drastically reduce my intake today. They did price me out of the name brand market, […]

Willpower!! What willpower?

This was a work day at the day job. Wednesday is truck day, when our inventory comes in and we get to restart the weekly cycle of unloading the truck and replenishing stock. Invigorating, lol. Oh well, as jobs go, it’s as good as any. It’s close to home and I like my coworkers. After a 5 year hiatus from the regular work world, that’s all I was looking for. Anyway, when I got home I took a nap, a.k.a. passed out, for an hour or so. The better half is nursing a bad back so wasn’t interesting in slaving away […]

Working, and dreaming.

Oh boy, here we go again. It feels like I’ve threatened to do this a million times – jot down what I’ve done daily to build my business, improve my life, better my health, etc., etc. Damn it, I’m going to make it stick on time 1,000,001!!!! This Daily Journal section will be where I report actions taken and results achieved when applicable. It’s also where I will be holding myself accountable for those times when I do absolutely nothing to improve my life and situation. Something as simple as posting an update once per day should be very easy […]

Daily Journal – a new category on this blog

Late last evening I was chatting on Skype with a friend and I made an off-the-cuff remark labeling our chats as “wasted time”. He and I both claim to have entrepreneurial aspirations. I know I’ve been dreaming of being successful since I was a teenager. He claimed he started dreaming of being on the NY Times Best Seller list at about the age of 20. Between the two of us, that’s around 50 years of daydreaming combined. We started chatting online March 16th, 2012. Another 2 1/2 years of claiming we want to accomplish something special with almost no action […]

Opportunity is always knocking. Will you ever answer?

And how has your approach to fulfilling them evolved? In my teens and early twenties, I was going to be a millionaire by 30. Weren’t we all? Unfortunately, I had no plans in place to actually accomplish that monumental feat. 30 came and went. Damn, not a millionaire. So, I just pushed it back a decade. I’ll retire by 40. But, still no real plan to make that happen. By that time, I was starting to develop an interest in marketing online, so you could almost call that the beginnings of a plan. However, the internet marketing world is so […]

How Have Your Dreams Changed?

Well, since my Overcoming My Own Inertia idea of posting for 30 consecutive days lasted a whopping one post, I’ve decided to simply change the direction of this blog in an effort to find myself. Instead of being just another work from home blog among the millions of other work from home blogs, I’ve decided to just make this a personal blog about whatever the hell I decide to ramble on about. Yeah, I know there are tons of other blogs about nothing out there, but this one wasn’t working for me and I wasn’t working for it. Naturally, there […]

Changing Directions – Where To Now?