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Back on July 20, 2014, I posted “How Have Your Dreams Changed?” Here we are 72 days later and I have essentially taken no additional steps towards fulfilling my adjusted dreams and goals. The ticking clock on my stated goal to start living full time in an RV is now only 584+ days away and I have done almost nothing to make that dream a reality. I’ve now wasted just over 10% of the total number of days I gave myself to get to my dream and have moved 0% towards hitting it. Oh what an ass I am! 🙁 […]

The clock keeps ticking on my dreams

In the early to mid 2000s, I started to actively warn others about so called opportunities that I felt were scams or potential scams. The primary company that I focused on was one that was being promoted in the work at home forums that I ran. The company was called YMMSS and was a doubler that promised people they would double their money within 60-90 days. It was easy enough to do the math and illustrate the unsustainable nature of the business. My site and warnings regularly turned up on the first page of the SERPs and was usually in […]

Several reasons I stopped crusading against scams and scammers

Well, after fighting one of those lovely summer colds and then either a pinched nerve or some other sort of back strain that was quite annoying and occasionally agonizing, I’m working on getting back on the posting bandwagon. I haven’t posted here in over a month now, but at least I do keep updating our local table tennis site for the two clubs here in the Pittsburgh area. I’m still struggling to find a solid plan to get my local sites moving. We don’t get to go “out on the town” much in our current situation, so I decided we […]

Still kicking, thinking, and stalling