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I got ’em by the boatload. But I ain’t gonna state them, lol. It’s pointless. Still a struggle to get going, but I will…period. Well, we drop the truck off tonight for extensive repairs to pass inspection, keeping our fingers crossed that we aren’t throwing good money after bad. I’ll be off all week from work after tonight except for a couple hours on Wednesday to fill in while the boss is out for a doctor’s appointment. It looks like we’ll be without the truck for about 2 weeks, so I may try to arrange for more time off next […]

Excuses, excuses, excuses.

Well, I’m still working on finalizing the game plan for my sites and creating a habit of making daily postings, but I’m getting better. In the meantime, we have to get both vehicles inspected, and while I was hoping for the best, fate decided against it, lol. The 2004 Alero shouldn’t need much, but the 1994 Ford F-250 might be turning into a money pit. 🙁 We got off easy with a $150 exhaust repair and $100 in replacing a hood release cable and a quick fix for the leaking head gasket(that’s another story). We’ll drop the truck off tonight […]

The hits keep coming

Email Spam 20
With the name Chris Bailey being quite popular, when I was looking for a domain for this personal site, I had to go with the .info as .com and .net were taken. Well, thanks to a domain registrar spammer/scammer, I was actually able to pick up a couple days ago. Here is the email: Jim Horvath <> To Nov 7 at 6:58 AM Hi, We just wanted to let you know that domain CHRISBAILEY.NET is being released back to the market. Since you own CHRISBAILEY.INFO, we believe that you might have interest in securing CHRISBAILEY.NET as well. If […]

Saying thank you to this domain registration spam

In my last post, Building my future, starting now, I mentioned that I needed to figure out whether a job search is in order to get out of my current unhappy work situation. I’ve decided to go with no on that. I simply have very little interest in pursuing any job that I’m technically “qualified” for. For now, I have to try and hold on to what I have until I get my entrepreneurial endeavors moving. My mind has been racing and I’ve been pretty exhausted this week from the stress and agitation of it all, but here is where […]

At A Crossroads – Moving Forward

Not loving the negative direction I seem to be headed in some of these posts, so although I’ll be working a lot this coming week, I really need to get my ass in gear. Therefore, I will truly get started on building my future online. I also need to decide whether a job search is in order. Can I hang on long enough where I’m at to build enough income to not jump from the frying pan into the fire? Ironically, the pittance that I am paid is actually a positive in this case. Okay, now I’m feeling some positive […]

Building my future, starting now

I only had to put in a 16 hour day Thursday to finally get a day off. As a perhaps not quite-so-typical disgruntled employee, the wear and tear of working for a corporation that simply doesn’t give a damn about anything but the bottom line and profits for those at the top finally pushed me over the brink. Timing is everything in this world. Wednesday probably marked the official beginning of the end for this particular job. After starting the day early preparing for our weekly delivery and doing my best to make the most out of a frustrating situation(we […]

A day off, too little, too late

Well, my poor boss had kidney and bladder infections, so I’m spending my 4th consecutive day off…. at work. Grrrrrrrrr.. Can’t blame her, but I’d like to, lol. Additionally, the whole reason I was taking four days in a row off is also FUBAR. The mechanic hasn’t started on our truck yet and recommended we try a head gasket sealant to get through the winter instead of him tackling the replacement of the head gasket. I was trying to do it right instead of taking a possibly risky shortcut. Despite the fact that he’s a pain in the rear to […]

No rest for the wicked

I do, damn it!!! This was supposed to be day 2 of 4 consecutive days off from the day job. In addition to doing some things around the house and yard, I just needed some time away from the daily grind of working for a typical bottom line corporation that wants too much from its people for far too little in return. Maybe it wasn’t better 50 years ago(I wasn’t around), but today’s companies are just soul sucking vacuums that grind their front line employees down and spit them out. I guess that opinion could be a topic for another […]

Days off – who needs them