Mystery Shopping

Mystery ShoppingIf you’ve ever thought about giving a shot at mystery shopping, merchandising, demo work, or other similar positions in the retail service industry, the information below is a great place for you to start.

Special Note:  You should never have to pay a legitimate mystery shopping company to do work for them.

There are certain associations that you can join that do carry fees, but these are not mandatory.  I have also had to pay for my own criminal background check in one instance in order to do audits that could have involved seeing other individual’s sensitive personal and financial data.

Some of the companies below may have shopping and merchandising opportunities available in your area.  In addition, the following three sites are a great resource to find companies to check out for mystery shopping and other types of work:

  • JobSlinger – A great resource that will let you search via ZIP code for current mystery shopping postings in your area.
  • – This site is not exactly a work of art in the aesthetics department, but they have an extensive list of companies and their mystery shopping forums are a wealth of information.
  • National Association for Retail Marketing Services Job Board – NARMS is a great way to break into demo work, merchandising, and other positions in the retail services industry.

Here is a list of mystery shopping and merchandising companies that I’ve worked with in my area.  You can check them out, register, and see what they might have available where you live.