Do What You Love
I stumbled across the image for this post while searching images at With so many different ways to monetize blogs, people looking to make money online are often told to pursue writing about what they love, are passionate about, etc. But if you’re someone who has been beaten down and is working on recovering from a major period of depression, you might not even realize what you “love” anymore. That’s a little struggle I’m encountering in my journey back to the living. I’ve been so inactive in life for so long, much of my passion has dimmed. Don’t get […]

“Do what you love”, but what is it?

Which way do I go?
Okay, so I may still be stalling in taking action and moving forward with my review site. It will be a huge undertaking and very labor intensive, so I can definitely understand my hesitation. I’ll get past it, but in the meantime I decided I would finally move my Work At Home Network domain over to Wealthy Affiliate hosting and start reviving the site that I had let languish for years after I burned out online a while back. There is a ton of sentimental attachment to that domain. On July 5 of this year, I will have owned it for […]

Sidetracked, but okay with it

Happy New Year 2016
Happy New Year everyone. I hope your celebrations were safe and enjoyable. At our house, I arrived home from work a little before 11:00 PM, so there wasn’t much time to kill before the ball dropped. We aren’t the head out and party in the New Year type, so I had picked up a magnum of Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante. We like our sparkling wine on New Year’s Eve. 🙂 Due to the relatively tough times we’ve let our situation devolve into over the last 20 years or so, it’s pretty much been a running joke on New Year’s […]

Ready or not, 2016 is here

Reality Bites
While continuing to avoid finishing up the review post that I should have finished two weeks ago, I was being social, reading some posts, and helping a few people at Wealthy Affiliate when I stumbled across a blog post by a guy named Ian. From all indications, this is a guy that does well enough for himself that he doesn’t actually “need” to be a part of WA. And yet, he is sticking around for his second year with them. In internet years, I feel like I’ve been around about as long as Yoda and I’ve literally watched thousands of […]

A helpful and discouraging post at Wealthy Affiliate

Don't be afraid
Dear Brain: I know what you’re doing and you need to stop it. Right now!!! I’m reminded of an old comedy routine by a guy named Bob Nelson in which he states: The mind is a terrible thing… And it must be stopped  While the mind isn’t actually a terrible thing most of the time, it is still quite tricky in its ability to manipulate us if we let it. About two weeks ago, I mentioned “cheating” my way through the Wealthy Affiliate training to get a preview of what I was going to be working through. After that, I went […]

Doing the unneccessary to avoid the necessary – WTF

Christmas 2015
Whew! For one reason or another Christmas took a lot out of me this year. I was up until the wee hours of December 26, getting to bed a little after 3:00 AM and proceeded to be unconscious most of the day, finally waking up for good around 9:00 PM. So now here I sit at 1:30 AM typing away. I hope everyone had a nice Christmas. With that, it’s time to move forward and on to preparing to ring in the New Year with high hopes of what 2016 will bring us. Making New Year’s resolutions is no longer […]

Christmas recovery and getting ready for 2016

Self sabotage
I think I might be avoiding putting in the effort so I can’t really fail. How silly is that? A few days ago when I was lamenting over my 15 hour work day, I mentioned that I had finally settled on a topic for my first review post. Damn if I didn’t start letting my head fill with doubts and change the topic, so it’s still not done(or even started). This is self-sabotage of the highest order. It’s such a ridiculous thing that some of us do to ourselves knowing that we’re really making a simple thing so very, very […]

Lily Livered Chicken Chit

Staying positive
With less than two weeks to go in 2015, I am reminded that as every year in recent memory has come to a close, my better half and I jokingly say the upcoming year will finally be our year. Relatively speaking, our life is not terrible. We have a roof over our heads. We both have jobs. We have two relatively reliable vehicles. Our health is okay. There are many people in this world who have far less than we do and many others who have suffered recent tragedies that will make the holiday season far less enjoyable and possibly […]

Winding the year down and staying positive