In my time on the web, I’ve noticed many of us in the internet marketing world suffer from this horrible affliction. If you are anything like me, you tend to come up with one great idea after another(well, at least we think they are great ideas 🙂 ) The main problem with our “genius” is that we often tend to leave many of our projects unfinished as we jump from one to the next. I know I have a veritable minefield of unfinished work and ideas. As I was searching on the net for others with this affliction, I stumbled […]

Internet Marketing Attention Deficit Disorder

During my hiatus from the world of internet marketing, the autoresponder service that I had been using closed down. One of my first priorities in getting back into the swing of things was finding a suitable replacement that was capable of handling what I wanted to do with newsletters and marketing for the multiple websites I run. There are so many different choices out there that it can be overwhelming. Afterlooking around at the various responders and visiting several forums reading the vast array of opinions on each one, I finally settled on AWeber for my needs. AWeber has been […]

Finding the best autoresponder for newsletters