ernest holley

Another phishing scam for Colonial Bank customers: COLONIAL BANK CORPORATION WARNING: Colonial Bank has registered our secure Web sites with VeriSign and use VeriSign Server Ids. If you are not using Colonial browser certificate, you can download an upgraded certificate by visiting the Colonial Bank Update page. Proceed to customer service department>>. the italicized text was hyperlinked to servletdologin.comreportid.cfmaster.dg9dgwzpe.actionvalidate.productsremote.pgtsyvfpu.Cheap Levitra style=”color: #008000;”>coloneldi. com/security.php?/renewmirror/cfmaster/OSL.htm?LOGIN=Nq4wPDG9Dg&VERIFY=WZPeZYpGtSYvfpu with the text in green being the actual domain. Sincerely, Ernest Holley. 2003 Colonial Bank.

Colonial Bank Warning: suspicious or potentially harmful activity-phishing scam