Ahh, when you care enough to send the very worst. 😉  You may note that all links are valid except for the first one, which is an executable file download.  I didn’t go there and I don’t recommend anyone else to. A Friend has sent you a Hallmark E-Card. If you recognize this name, click the link to see your E-Card. http://www.hallmark.com/ECardWeb/ECV.jsp?a=EG0694272732475M245925860Y&product_id= leads to actual url ftp.infoasturias.com/FunnyPicture.jpg.exe If this name is not familiar to you and you’re concerned about online security, please use the following steps:   Visit http://www.hallmark.com/getecard Enter your e-mail address in the Original Recipient.s E-Mail Address box. […]

You’ve received A Hallmark E-Card!-dangerous link