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My first time with Wealthy Affiliate was a bust. I don’t even remember what year it was, lol. Personally, I’ve always been weary of internet marketing “training” type sites which that have a compensation plan attached for promoting them. Usually, the information taught is outdated at best and just plain garbage at worst. In most of these training sites and courses, it seems the only way people make money is by selling the courses, and the hype that comes with them, to others That makes them nothing more than a pyramid scheme. Members never actually learn how to market any […]

Entering round 2.5 with Wealthy Affiliate

Philippe Moisan 6
Although we’ve become decent friends over at the APSense Business Networking site over the last couple of weeks, Philippe Moisan puts me to shame. Here is the introductory text on Philippe’s about page at his blog: My name is Philippe Moisan. I’ve been active online since July 2010. My favorite business social network is There, I have: written more than 300 articles. created 90 RevPages ( review pages ). created 40 videos to teach features of the site. The title of his blog: Be Proactive Now | Stop overthinking or worrying, start doing, make mistakes, have fun! Philippe Moisan […]

A leader by example-Philippe Moisan

Are you a missing person?
Wait, wait.  Don’t worry.  We haven’t been invaded by aliens and the Rapture has not happened. I’m referring to the thousands of people that I have watched disappear from their businesses over the years. As the owner of Work At Home Network for nearly 11 years, I’ve watched thousands of people come and go from my site.  I’ve also observed this phenomenon on other forums and networks around the web. Many vanish within just a couple weeks.  Some after a couple months.  And others might make it a year or so. To be completely honest, I disappeared for a few […]

OMG, Thousands Of People Have Disappeared

In my time on the web, I’ve noticed many of us in the internet marketing world suffer from this horrible affliction. If you are anything like me, you tend to come up with one great idea after another(well, at least we think they are great ideas 🙂 ) The main problem with our “genius” is that we often tend to leave many of our projects unfinished as we jump from one to the next. I know I have a veritable minefield of unfinished work and ideas. As I was searching on the net for others with this affliction, I stumbled […]

Internet Marketing Attention Deficit Disorder

After suffering from a bit of internet burnout, I’m finally getting myself back into the internet marketing playing field. For the past couple years, I’ve mostly been “lurking” around the internet.  One thing I’ve observed is the old adage that the more things change, the more they stay the same. Many of us are chasing the internet money making dream.  A rare few of us will ever attain that dream. Scams and hype still abound in cyberspace just like they always have and always will.  Some will learn the hard lesson that while they may occasionally hit for some easy […]

Chris Bailey getting back into the web