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It looks like the Italian government was the first one to step up to the plate against JustBeenPaid’s JSS Tripler. CONSOB, the Italian Securities and Exchange Commission, has prohibited the offering of JSS Tripler to the public. Now we’ll have to wait and see how long before other government agencies take to follow suit.  With programs like JSS Tripler, it’s always a race between these “opportun ities” failing or disappearing on their own and being shut down by government authorities.    Either way, those last in and those who don’t grasp how the ponzi game is really played get left holding the […]

Promotion of JSS Tripler prohibited by Italian Authorities

The Sharks are Circtling 8
As always, if you’ve been around the world of internet “opportunities” for more than a couple weeks, all you need to see is a guarantee of 2% interest per day and you know that the words JustBeenPaid JSS Tripler scam sound like a good fit. First off, if JustBeenPaid’s JSS Tripler doesn’t collapse under its own weight soon, my opinion is that it will eventually be declared illegal.  As noted by the PatrickPretty blog, JustBeenPaid’s JSS Tripler is already being investigated by Italian Regulatory Authority CONSOB. When you promise people a return on their investment, you are selling securities.  And […]

JustBeenPaid JSS Tripler-scam or not