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White Noise
For better or worse, I have yet to become highly active from a marketing aspect on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.  I am working on changing that, but part of what’s held me back is what I refer to as social media marketing “white noise”.  white noise Noun: Noise containing many frequencies with equal intensities. Such noise as used to mask other noises: “a white-noise machine”. Now, I may be misusing that terminology, but what the hell, we always have to label things, right? Not only is it annoying to some of us marketers, but it is also […]

Social Media Marketing “White Noise”

So, is a scam? The relatively short answer for those who don’t want to read my rambling below, lol.  No, I wouldn’t say that peoplestring is a scam.  But there is a lot of hype and misleading info out there about the true potential of this type of site.  You can make money with sites of this nature, but unless you can recruit heavily, the amount is negligible. When dealing with internet based money making opportunities, it’s not always quite as simple as whether something is an outright scam or not. The basic premise of “paid to” anything, i.e. […] or not