western union scam

This one almost slipped by me.  The url seemed legit.  I looked up the company name and everything seemed to match.  My mind must be starting to go because I didn’t notice that the email linked to a site ending in .us and the real company’s url ends in .com After some searching on the ‘net, it appears that this one is just one of those old fraudulent check cashing scams or Western Union money scams.  One where they will “overpay” you and request you wire them the balance back.  By the time the check you received bounces, the money […]

Home-based job offer-email fraud

These still suck tons of money from the naive and greedy. Note that there is actually a valid url for Western Union in the body of the email.  You can actually enter in the tracking info they mention and see a funds available message for “Teddy James” Don’t fall for it. 😉 From: “FROM WESTERN UNION OFFICE” <raphogue03@aliceadsl.fr> To: undisclosed-recipients Western Union®   online viagra purchase ms;”>Welcome to Western Union Send Money Worldwide Attention:Beneficiary, Based on the instruction passed to this Western Union department from the office of the Presidency, your payment total sum of US$1.5Million Dollars can only be […]

Western Union® – good old Nigerian 419 scam